partridgeJamie Partridge
Jamie did his PhD in the fluid mechanics of natural ventilation at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, University of Cambridge. He then went on to join the MUST project where he works on a range of experimental studies to try to answer fundamental questions of stratified turbulence. In particular, Jamie has worked on stratified Taylor-Couette (STC) and stratified inclined duct (SID) experiments. Jamie’s research interests include stratified turbulence, natural ventilation, plumes and experimental techniques.

lucasDan Lucas
Dan has a PhD from the University of St Andrews where he studied vortex dynamics under the supervision of Prof David Dritschel. He then moved to the University of Bristol for 17 months to work with Prof Rich Kerswell on using unstable periodic orbits as a basis for fluid turbulence. A two year spell at University College Dublin followed where he worked with Miguel Bustamante on nonlinear waves and singularities in inviscid fluids. Dan then joined the Mathematical Underpinnings of Stratified Turbulence (MUST) project at DAMTP where he has been studying the mechanisms for layer formation in forced stratified turbulence via nonlinear solutions and its mixing properties via unstable periodic orbits.

zhouQi Zhou
Qi earned his PhD in 2015 from the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Cornell University, working with Prof. Peter Diamessis. His PhD thesis focusedon numerical simulations of high-Reynolds-number stratified turbulent wakes and nonlinear internal waves interacting with the sea surface. Since 2015, Qi has been a postdoc at DAMTP working on MUST. Qi has interests in environmental flow processes which involve stratification and turbulence. As part of MUST, Qi is working in close collaboration with the experimentalists and investigating stratified turbulence and diapycnal mixing in vertically sheared flows by performing direct numerical simulations.

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