Paul Linden FRS, FRMetS


Director of Research and G.I. Taylor Professor Emeritus of Fluid Mechanics | University of Cambridge

Professorial Fellow Emeritus | Downing College

Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Environmental Science and Engineering | University of California, San Diego



Our recent work on the role of ventilation on the airborne transmission of Covid-19 has recently been published in the Journal of Fluid Mechanics and Royal Society Open Science.

Press comments have been published in the Times and the New York Times.


Our research is concerned with the fluid mechanics of the environment and sustainability. As we face the challenges of living on Earth with an increasing population and with the stresses this places on resources and the environment, fluid mechanics is central to many of the major issues facing society – the availability of water (and food), pollution, the environmental consequences of energy use and the impacts of climate change, to name a few.

Humans have used the oceans and atmosphere as sources of energy and as dumping grounds for waste. We send carbon dioxide and pollutants into the atmosphere as a result of our industrial activities, and the oceans are affected by pollutants carried down rivers and into the sea.

We carry out experiments in the G.K. Batchelor Laboratory in DAMTP to study the relevant fluid flows in controlled laboratory conditions and use the results of these experiments to gain understanding of the physics and to develop mathematical models of these flows. These models are used to provide quantitative estimates of these flows and their impacts on the environment.

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Forthcoming events

Fluid mechanics in the spirit of G. K. Batchelor.

March 28-31, 2021, Cambridge

This meeting is a celebration of the 100th anniversary of George Batchelor’s birth. Details and pre-registration can be found here